Custom glassware refers to a glass product that has a business logo or name printed on it. Some prominent custom glass products include coffee mugs, martini glasses, champagne flutes, brandy glasses, beer mugs, wine glasses etc.

Some of the most common venues, where custom printed stemware, my favorite glassware, is often used, are in restaurants and night clubs. Many bistros serve their drinks in custom printed stemware that has their organization's name or logo printed on it. I know these establishments use them to strengthen their brand identity, but I love it when they are given away as gifts.

I know it's a marketing tactic, when bars and restaurants, or drinks and alcohol companies, give clients these practical and attractive products, but they can also make one's home look tasty. I have used my own set of custom printed stemware for years in all my personal and social events for the last 10 years, and they have never failed to get compliments from my guests. I also love looking at them in my cabinet as they constantly remind me of the positive experiences I have had with various businesses and bistros. And because of that, I have like 4 to 6 joints that I always find myself going to for dinners, night outs or for informal meetings. I know the average person will say I am a victim of marketing, but it is not such a bad thing as the places I go to are pretty decent.

Looking at the bigger picture, these lovely glass pieces are an invaluable social marketing tool. Special parties call for unique touches and when I am planning for a party that needs to be remembered for a long time, I always think of custom printed stemware. I also like buying many other types of custom glassware to give away as keepsakes or gifts to the many guests who visit me. The same thing applies when one wants to commemorate an essential anniversary like a wedding anniversary, where custom glassware can have a date engraved on them. Whether it is for the gold or silver anniversary, friends and family will want an elegant means to memorialize this great day in their lives.

Sometimes the celebration is about a special achievement. For example, a business can decide to reward its sales force, fulfilling a crucial sales objective; or a company can decide to make custom glassware to commemorate a breakthrough or to commemorate a national award. A family can also decide to make their own custom glassware to communicate their own little occasions like birthdays.

That is not all! Someone can decide to get custom glassware to display a message for a loved one, partner, colleague or even an enemy. Why not! They say keep your friends close but your enemies closer. So, custom glassware can thus be used to relay positive messages to an enemy. They are great because one does not have to be physically there to present the gift to their enemy. And if the message is crafted wryly, the tension between two warring parties can be easily defused.