A simple fact of life today is that our population is aging. Along with this comes a shift in the major focus for health care from acute acre to chronic, long term care in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. While most people would rather remain at home, for some, this isn’t an option, as they require more care and equipment than can be provided in their own residence. This being said, that doesn’t mean that assisted living facilities, nursing homes, care homes or hospice care facilities have to feel sterile and institutional. Rather, with some very simple and basic touches, these places can be made to feel very comfortable and home like, which can often do more to make a person feel happy and content than any medical intervention could ever accomplish.

There’s lots of ways that care institutions can be made to feel more home like, and one of these is through the use of custom printed glassware. There’s cups, mugs, glasses and lots of other items that are very appropriate for this type of setting. These are inexpensive, durable, and much more pleasant to use than the typical plastic ware that one tends to find in a hospital or other medical setting.

An example of this is a simple coffee mug. So often, in a typical hospital or care facility setting, these are made from sturdy and rather unattractive plastic. Just looking at them can be a very depressing experience. It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a really nice selection of mugs that come in a variety of styles and colors that are cheerful, fun and much more “homey” than the plastic type. These mugs can be custom printed with a funny saying, a happy picture, or something else that brings cheer to the heart and soul. This is also true for custom printed drinking glasses. They don’t have to look cold and institutional. They can look just like the ones a person would use at home, and they can also be imprinted with whatever you like.

Fresh flowers can bring a breath of life and happiness to a care facility, and many families bring them to their loved one when they come to visit. Custom printed glass vases are available that are inexpensive and have a beautiful design and style. Like the mugs, glasses and other items, these can be custom printed with the text or design of your choice.

While infection control in a medical setting is very important, that doesn’t mean that the drinking utensils, etc. have to be heavy and unattractive. Custom printed glassware can be cleaned and sterilized but still look beautiful. The boost it can give to someone’s state of mind and mental outlook can be really beneficial to them and make just as much of a difference to them as any medication ever could.

One inescapable fact of providing long term care is that it can be very expensive. Since custom imprinted glassware is very reasonably priced, it can easily fit into the budget for providing this care.

Our population is getting older, and along with this shift in demographics comes an increased need for long term and palliative care in an institution. A big part of making these places more comfortable is including touches that make them more homelike and cheery. By providing some of these, custom printed glassware can make a big difference in the mental outlook of the residents.