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To our valuable customers:

Online we were the very first to provide exclusive printed glassware and mugs, which is why we are the most easily recognized website in the business.
Nobody else is ''.

Over the years of doing business online, we have established a proven and efficient distribution system. Leveraging the interenet as a modern company, while still utilizing a hands-on personal approach to graphics preparation and order processing. This process allows us to offer the most thorough customer service, combined with fast shipping, high quality workmanship and most importantly lowest prices.

It truly is the best way to offer the specialized needs of the custom printed product customer.

There are still companies out there that operate from huge warehouses, keeping all of their inventory at one location and processing orders like a large factory would... without regard to your individual order. This approach brings tremendous overhead (there is one in particular that even brags about this overhead). All of this might impress their friends, but customers these days are SMARTER than that. Who pays for this all of their staff and warehouse space? YOU. With higher prices and/or lower quality of workmanship.

We are always sad to hear reports that there are companies online recently who simply do not care about their customer's unique product needs.. and the bottom line is that this philosophy is reflected in their track records. This is why we tell customer to always check a companies' local Better Business Bureau when ordering custom printed products.

Check our track record (and our prices!). Why pay more, when you can pay LESS and order from a safe, efficient company that has proven it cares about it's customers. Your order is shipped according the the proof, without smudges, and shipped when we promise... Or your money back. Period.

We look forward to making your order a success!

David Lee