Your best friend in the world is getting married and they have done you the honor of asking you to be their maid of honor or best man. It’s an exciting time for you and your friend, and there’s a lot for you to do. You help your friend pick out wedding clothes, wedding decorations, flowers, music and even the food for the wedding. You also help with the wedding preparation and have the fun task of planning the bachelor or bachelorette party. There’s so many ideas for you to choose from. What kind of event will you plan?

You can choose to have a “traditional” style party where there’s often lots of alcohol consumption and an overall rowdy time. While that can be fun, why not plan something a little bit out of the ordinary and unexpected? There’s so many activities to choose from that you should be able to find one the perfectly suited to the bride or groom to be. Use your knowledge of your best friend and their likes/dislikes to come up with something really special.

One idea is to have a weekend camping trip. Decide where you’re going to camp, have all the guests bring along their favorite camping gear and enjoy a weekend full of relaxation and fun. A wine, scotch, martini, margarita or “chocolate” tasting party is another excellent idea. Pick up some different samples of your chosen beverage or food and enjoy a night that’s both sophisticated and fun. If the bride and groom are into sports, enjoy a night out at watching your favorite team play then continue the evening at your home with a sports themed party. There are so many options to choose from, and these are just a few ideas to help you get started.

No matter what type of party you decide throw, you’ll want to purchase some glassware that you have custom made just for the occasion. Different types of parties will call for different styles of glassware. Custom printed thermal coffee mugs, stadium mugs or acrylic glassware would be ideal for a weekend camping style party, a wine or other beverage tasting party is the perfect place for custom printed sample size glasses, while stadium cups are the obvious choice for a sporting event. If you want to go all out and have a relay wild night, you can even purchase custom printed glassware that lights up and will really add to the over all fun and excitement of the evening.

Custom printed glassware can be printed with the name of the bride, groom, or whatever words you like, and many styles are available in a good variety of colors. You can even create a special logo for the party and have it included in the printing. Specially designed glassware in one of their wedding colors is sure to be appreciated by your friend and will show them just how much you care and are happy for them.

Being a maid of honor or best man is a great honor and one of your most pleasant tasks will be planning the bachelorette or bachelor party. With a little planning and some custom glassware, you’ll be able to give the bride or groom a night they will never forget.